The New Drunken Prayer Album Is On The Way

It is with great apprehension that I announce The Drunken Prayer Kickstarter Campaign in support of my upcoming, in-progress album.


Over the past year I’ve written a lot of defiantly homesick music, mulling over what “home” means in the current American climate. The material is authentic American roots: to-the-point stories about everyday struggles and triumphs of the out-on-the-margins, unvarnished rock and roll working class. It’s a well worn path but one worth following.
There’s a breaking news urgency to this album and I’m anxious to deliver it.
If you get a chance, go to the drive page. I made a short video (that you can watch above) and wrote a bit about what’s going on with the upcoming record. There’s even some new music in there.
Times are tight and I do not want your last buck. If you want to join in but can’t afford to pre-order right now, please share the project to any friend or group you’re a part of that might be interested in a new Drunken Prayer album – that would be a huge help.
Here is a short, sharable link for you:
Let’s sorghum the walls and commence to shooting flies.

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Posted on: February 1st, 2018 by drunkenmaster No Comments

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