HOUSE OF MORGAN Released Today, 11/19/13

I’m honestly surprised to announce the arrival of the 3rd full-length Drunken Prayer album, HOUSE OF MORGAN. Most of these songs were self-recorded on a Tascam 4-track cassette machine, the rest on free recording software. Anyone can do it!
Thanks to Will Chatham and Juniana Lanning for making it sound so brilliant. Listen to three of the songs here.
Fluff and Gravy Records, take it away…


01_DP_HoM_layout_outlined copy

“Drunken Prayer’s second full-length release on Portland-based Fluff and Gravy Records finds Geer taking things into his own hands.

While 2012’s critically acclaimed Into The Missionfield was a densely layered studio undertaking, featuring strings, horns, and several marquee players, House of Morgan was self-recorded, largely in his bedroom with nearly all of the instruments being played by Geer. Though this record is, by design, a sharp contrast to previous efforts, this is undoubtedly a Drunken Prayer record. Geer’s trademark vocals, guitar playing and lyrics are the threads that link these divergent records together.”
-Fluff and Gravy Records
Portland, Oregon

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Posted on: November 19th, 2013 by drunkenmaster

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