KCRW Presents: Drunken Prayer – “Satin Sheets”

“…a pretty quintessential slice of backwoods poetry…” – KCRW (LA) is premiering our video for “Satin Sheets” this week!
The song was originally written and recorded by the criminally under-appreciated Willis Alan Ramsey. It’s on Willis’ masterpiece of an album he did in 1972 for Leon Russell’s Shelter record label. This is side-b of the 7″ single Deer Lodge Records just put out for us. I recorded the two songs at home while I was mixing an upcoming LP; it pays homage to a couple of artists that were big around my house growing up – The Band (“Evangeline“) and Willis Alan Ramsey.


Now get thee to a record store!


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Posted on: January 30th, 2015 by drunkenmaster No Comments

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