morgan geer

Echo of a Heavy Slamming Door

This smoking gun will tell the story of a lonesome, broken heart

The likes of which won’t testify again

It began innocently

To the drunken rage you see

And it’s ending with the echo of a heavy slamming door


Oh I wake up to happy sunshine, oh God I hate it so

I take it out on every thing I see

Where it comes from can’t be denied and me 9 millimeter don’t lie

But I blew it, I can’t believe it, I’m falling down again


And if you look hard you will see the pain of a history

It’s painted like a masterpiece in a scrapbook filled with misery


But I digress and it’s getting late

I can tell by the bored look upon your face

But I’ve got to speak my peace, I’ve got the right


My love is hard to find, what I got I keep mine

When you’ve been robbed blind all your life you hold on hard and you hold on tight


So I do, now I gotta go but there’s one thing you gotta know

You end up walking when you cannot afford the ride

And I’ve got a heart ache to hide

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