morgan geer

Fell into the Sun

I fell into the sun
I fell into someone and that girl was blinding
I don’t wanna reminisce
On opportunities I’ve missed, I don’t need reminding
I don’t want to go there
I took acid in the rain
The secret to the rain dance is timing
I laid down in a field
My inhibition wouldn’t yield to the thunder and the lightning
That was not the bomb
{bridge I}
What was it that was calling me?
What drives a cat to climb a tree?
A sugar cube from lost and found
Claw the stars, little kitty, scratch the ground
{bridge II}
No more will I cast pearls to swine
I simply do not have the time
Wasted days and wasted nights
Freddy’s dead but I’m alright
I’ve fell into the sun
I never saw no one that was half as bright as you
Now the stars have all aligned
Uncrossed themselves in time in a sky of blue
Anytime I’m with you
Anytime I’m with you

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