morgan geer

I Left My Mace in South Carolina

There ain’t no fight left down in the city
Everybody up and go home
Me I’m up sittin’ pretty
Waiting by the side of the road

You heard I come the land of the carnival vans
Where it’s hard to tell the sinners from the saints
Longhorns diamond-star halo
Where the rubber meets the road and the paint
You put your left foot in front of the right one
Repeat until I tell you to stop
Do the chicken dance all night yeah
I’m a stranger, a danger, a cop

I used to roll coal down in the city
Give a howdy do to the freaks
Say hello to my middle finger
The reason I’m greasin the street

You put your right hand, left hand up to your snout
Step into the pokey than you turn yourself around
Ask yourself what’s it all about
Shout it shout it shout it out loud

When the sun goes down on your ever lovin town
We’re gonna go a little too far
Smack em up back em up break it on down
I’m waiting outside in the car
I left my mace in South Carolina
Ain’t no trace of doubt in my mind-a
I’d use it up here on you
I wanna mace you
I wanna mace you




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