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Drunken Prayer:
The Devil and the Blues


“With the help of members of The Sadies, Reigning Sound, and Freakwater, Geer crafts another journey through America’s weird musical heritage on The Devil & The Blues” – PopMatters

“The most twisted storytelling you’ll hear all year” – Blurt Magazine

“‘Is this country?’ I say yes-in the same way that The Silver Jews or Jon Wayne can be considered ‘country’, or Butthole Surfers can be considered ‘art rock’…Just think of it as music for literate underachievers, or the soundtrack to a Blue Velvet style back road joyride.” – Wild American Radio



“One critic described Drunken Prayer as the sort of band that you’d want to have booked for your own funeral, and I think they were right. I can’t think of any contemporary artist that’s able to write material that encapsulates life in its entirety. It’s simply an exceptional effort by a uniquely talented artist who will probably tell you ‘folks, you might as well go out laughing a bit.'” – joyofviolentmovement


House of Morgan cover


“…a stripped down slice of Americana, with some experimental weirdness and beautiful songwriting. A little Daniel Johnston and a little Moldy Peaches…”
– The Horn, UT Austin


2014 single


“a quintessential slice of backwoods poetry” – KCRW, LA
“tender and curiously psychedelic” – PopMatters

The two songs on this limited edition 45 single put out on Deer Lodge Records are a salute to The Band (“Evangeline”) and Willis Alan Ramsey (“Satin Sheets”). Morgan Geer recorded and plays most of the instruments here. “Evangeline” is a duet and features Janet Beveridge Bean from Freakwater, Eleventh Dream Day and Horse’s Ha.


single, featuring The Krektones


“How hard is it to add a quality song to the piles of overdone Christmas songs we’ve heard since the dawn of recorded sound (I’m looking at you, Bing Crosby)? Let’s ask Morgan Geer, Portland’s (and Asheville, NC’s) answer to Waits/Dylan. Here he’s written & recorded a nasty holiday ode to his baby (who’s out “ho ho ho-ing around”). Instead of the more countrified backing Geer usually brings to the stage & studio, this version of the band sounds like they’ve come all the way from New Orleans – but from what I gather, The Krektones are a trio from Asheville, NC, and Geer’s brought them in to back him… perfectly.

The records are red vinyl, and according to the dude from the label, every single sleeve was assembled by hand & hand numbered in a pressing of 550. Mine’s #33, it’s a record thing, you wouldn’t (or maybe would) understand.”
– Jeffrey Larson, Sonic Recollections, Portland, OR



“…one part the Band, one part Tonight’s The Night and several parts sinner’s remorse…Bad Seeds-in-New Orleans noir…”
– Blurt Magazine

The debut Drunken Prayer record is nearly sold out.



“…a blistering example of bad-assedness.”
– Mountain Xpress, Asheville, NC

Limited edition woodblock prints in hand-crafted recyclable sleeves on CDR. Recorded live in the punk rock parking lot of Guitar Centaur with THE Sam Henry (The Wipers) on drums, recently inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame.



Short sleeve tee shirt, white on black and iTunes  also currently stocked Drunken Prayer  (self titled debut) the homemade live ep, Drunken Prayer…with Sam Henry as well as a few hidden digital gems.

For your pleasure, all this and more is available at the shows.

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