How I Spent My Summer by Morgan C. Geer

I thought a tour-free summer would guarantee me poolside Manhattans but it is not turning out that way.
The biggest news I have is that I’ve begun recording my first solo album. Again trading time between Asheville, NC and Portland, OR, it’s a bit of a departure from what you may have come to know as Drunken Prayer. Heavier in parts, lighter in others, undressed out of necessity. I haven’t been satisfied with the precious song since about last November, change done come. I’ve taken to thinking in all caps and typing with my forehead. I’m playing all the instruments on this one too.
This week I’m turning in a grant proposal for a documentary about turn-of-the-millennium era Asheville rock scene. Titled The Decline of Western North Carolina, it’s loosely based around the life and death of Vincent’s Ear coffee house. Logline: An eccentric mountain town loses its creative center of gravity, as seen through the eyes of a now far flung Rock and Roll community. More details to come on that after I hear back about the grant in October. Until then stay away from me unless you want to get interviewed about a virtually uncharted music scene from 20 years ago.
Last weekend the Western North Carolina Paranormal Society had our first Sasquatch and UFO hunting expedition of the summer, deep in the woods of southern Appalachia. My experiment to attract cryptids by playing the new Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper remixes and outtakes proved fruitless.
Below are my scheduled shows over the next few months.
Plans to relocate to Berlin are temporarily on hold.
6/17 – LaZoom Bus Tour – Asheville, NC
6/22 – Test Pattern – Winston-Salem, NC
6/27 – The Lazy Diamond – Asheville, NC
7/02 – Heavy Rebel 4th of July Weekender – Winston-Salem, NC
7/29 – Deer Lodge on the Green – SE Portland, OR
8/04 – The Know – NE Portland, OR
8/11 – Hot August Nights – Forest Grove, OR
8/12 – The Kenton Club – N Portland, OR
8/21 – Total Eclipse of the Sun Party at The Cut Cocktail Lounge – Sylva, NC
8/26 – Static Age – Asheville, NC
8/27 – The Cave – Chapel Hill, NC
9/09 – On Pop of the World – Greensboro, NC
9/15 – New Belgium Brewing – Asheville, NC
10/31 – Halloween Party with Unknown Hinson at The Grey Eagle – Asheville, NC




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